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Do it for the Kids

Meet some of the children whose lives have been, and continue to be greatly impacted by research and the funds raised to support it.

Name: Cohen & Nash Age: 5 & 4 Hospital: BC Children’s Hospital | Vancouver, BC

Meet Cohen & Nash: The day after Cohen was born, his parents Angela and Emery were spending time bonding with their beautiful little boy. After a routine check, their midwife noticed that Cohen was working unusually hard during nursing and his oxygen saturation was off, so they got him examined at their local hospital in Kamloops. It was there that they received the news no parent wants to hear: “There’s something wrong with your baby’s heart.”


Name: Rowan Age: Hospital: Janeway Children’s Hospital | St John's, NL

Meet Rowan: Rowan was diagnosed at 11 days old with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS), an extremely rare genetic condition caused by a chromosomal abnormality. Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome causes delayed growth and development and affects many parts of the body. With an estimated prevalence of one in 50,000 births, WHS is a condition so rare that Rowan is the only child affected by it in all of Newfoundland and Labrador


Name: Baylee  Age: 4  Hospital: IWK Health Centre | Halifax, NS

Meet Baylee: Baylee’s journey into the world was complicated. Prior, her mother, Marlee, had suffered a devastating stillbirth, and once she became pregnant again, she was admitted to IWK’s Fetal Assessment and Treatment Centre (FATC) for close monitoring…  


Name: Rylie  Age: 11  Hospital: Stollery Children’s Hospital | Edmonton, AB

Meet Rylie: Rylie is a kindhearted, energetic and hilarious girl who brings laughter to everyone she meets.  Rylie’s mom went for an ultrasound at 32-weeks pregnant because she was measuring small. The ultrasound showed Rylie had a heart defect, there was little to no amniotic fluid and the placenta was no longer working properly


Name: Henry  Age: 4  Hospital: Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital | Saskatoon, SK

Meet Henry: After a typical pregnancy, Henry’s family was shocked when he was diagnosed with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect in the days following his birth...


Name: Hunter  Age: 11  Hospital: Children’s Hospital | London, ON

Meet Hunter: When two-year-old Hunter came down with a fever, his parents never dreamed it could be something as serious as Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a rare and life-threatening blood disease


Name: Nina  Age: 11  Hospital: Alberta Children’s Hospital | Calgary, AB

Meet Nina: Born with a brain malformation called schizencephaly, Nina has never been able to walk on her own.  

Now, Nina can take 300 steps a day and loves joining her friends in gym class after becoming the first child in Calgary to use an innovative robotic device called Trexo


Name: Emme  Age: 11  Hospital: McMaster Children’s Hospital | Hamilton, ON

Meet Emme: Emme's health issues began with a seemingly innocent complaint of a headache that quickly escalated. What her parents thought was a migraine turned into a nightmare when seven-year-old Emme lay down for a nap and didn’t wake up


Name: Emmanuelle  Age: 5  Hospital: CHU Sainte-Justine | Montreal, QC

Meet Emmanuelle: At the age of one, Emmanuelle caught a mild virus and developed a fever. A few days later, her temperature was still high. At CHU Sainte-Justine, the family learned that Emmanuelle’s immune system had gone into overdrive…  


Name: Hazel  Age: 3  Hospital: CHEO | Ottawa, ON

Meet Hazel: Hazel was born a fighter! Arriving by emergency c-section, she struggled to breathe and was transferred to CHEO for lifesaving care. After a 10-day stay, complete with MRI and CT scans, her family could finally bring their new baby home


Name: Oli  Age: 6  Hospital: HSC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital | Winnipeg, MB

Meet Oli: Two weeks before Oli’s fourth birthday, he had a stomach ache that wouldn’t go away. Oli’s parents, Robert and Maria Cristina, brought him to Emergency at HSC Children’s Hospital. Oli’s health worsened rapidly, and he was soon showing rashes across his body


Name: Grace  Age: 18  Hospital: SickKids | Toronto, ON

Meet Grace: From the day she was born, Grace faced health challenges including: allergies, respiratory problems, and eczema. By 2021, Grace developed concerning symptoms that prompted her mother, Kim, to seek answers


Name: Gabi & Benji  Age: 14 & 11  Hospital: Montreal Children’s Hospital | Montreal, QC

Meet Gabi & Benji: For the first four years of her life, Gabriella was very sick, but doctors couldn’t figure out why. She was a medical mystery. She spent her first year in hospital with feeding tubes and she would vomit up to 15 times a day and had diarrhea. Her parents were prepared for the worst since her illness was unknown


It all starts with research

Research is the engine that drives a million changes for the health of every kid in Canada. Your contributions support the discovery of life-saving treatment that improve survival rates, quality of life and outcomes for children who are facing the most challenging health issues such as cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, congenital heart defects and life-threatening allergies.

Every day across Canada

5,000 children
need care

250 children
need surgery

So there's never been a better time to lace up and get active! Or donate today to help us uncover new cures and less invasive treatments through ground-breaking research and clinical trials.

Cross country power.

The donations you raise will help fund life-saving research at your local children’s hospital. From rare diseases to everyday illnesses, research is the first essential step for every kid in Canada to be a healthier kid which is why your efforts - and every dollar raised - matter.

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