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This May, I’m running for the health of every kid in Canada, as well as my own!

Every day, over 5,000 children receive care at a children’s hospital in Canada and by supporting me, you’ll be helping fund life-saving research at your own local children’s hospital. Funds for research are needed now more than ever, and your support will allow researchers to uncover new cures and gentler treatments for kids.

Please donate now and support me in my challenge!

I'm running for a kid I care about


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It's Important to help Hospitals

Sunday 16th May
My sister has been at the hospital since Thursday.  It's because she had two polyps that were causing intussception.  It took two scopes to remove both of them.  One was the size of a blueberry and the doctors at Sickkids could take care of it.  But the other one was big, the size of a grape.  Today a special doctor came and took it out.  But she still has to stay until Tuesday.  I miss her.  

Did you know she has gone 4 days without eating.  And this is why it is so important to raise money for Children's Hospitals.  Maybe research they could have done it faster.  And even one dollar can help them.  

So far I have kept my promise, I have run 23km of my 25km.  I still have 15 days to run the last 2km.  Now that mommy is home I'd like to run it with her.

Doing Great

Monday 3rd May
 It was raining a bit but mom and I still went running.  I'm already half way to my goal.  So far I have ran 13.3km.  This weekend I want to try running 10km again.  
Today my mommy told me I should not run 10km every time, to pace myself so I don't get hurt.  Today we were going to run 5km but my mom had a call so we only ran 3km.  We can run again tomorrow.

How far can I run?

Saturday 1st May
Today I ran 10.3km.  I did 5km with my mom and 5.3km with my dad.  It was hard.  I did some walking breaks with daddy but I did it.  Before this I've only ever run is 3km in a day!

If I get to 40km in may mommy & daddy are going to double my donations.  I'm already a 1/4 of the way there and it's first day of the month.   Right now that means my $2400 would become $4800.  

Training Hard

Thursday 22nd Apr
I am getting ready for the month of May.  25k will be a lot of work and I need to be ready.  Today I worked out with my mom.  We did an exercise video to make our legs strong.  It was kind of hard, it was a lot of jumping and not a lot of breaks and a lot of squats.  It made my thighs hurt.  It was worth it because I have raised over $1400 dollars!

I reached my goal!!!

Friday 16th Apr
I sent out lots of letters, maybe 30.  I also asked my mommy's work friends on zoom to donate.  And it worked!

I am very grateful for this money as my sister is in the hospital.  It's important for Sickkids to have money to help kids like my sister.  They've been helping kids like my sister for 146 years.

Maybe I can raise $1000! 

Thank you to everyone who has donated.

Letter Writing

Tuesday 13th Apr
Hello! Today I wrote a bunch of letters to all my friends asking them to donate to my runs in May.  So far I raised $184 and I am grateful that they have donated so much money already.  Thank you to my friends that donated.  Sierra Beatrix Kasia  Hannah  ayana  Raina.


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What an amazing sister!

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