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This May, I’m running for the health of every kid in Canada, as well as my little Fox!

I don't know how I can ever fulfill the amount of gratitude that I have for these life-saving organizations but I am going to try to give back a little bit this May by challenging myself and asking for support to help fund the incredible things that these angels on Earth do. 

I am doing this to give back to the hospitals that made it possible for my little Fox to be here with us today and for all the beautiful kids that need this support so they can shine bright. I don't want to ever wonder what this world would be like without the incredible Dr. Honjo, Dr. Han, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Mazwi, Dr. Burdick, Dr. Chiu, Nurse Lutyk, Nurse Anciado, Bernadette, SickKids and all the amazing departments and staff, all St.Joe's NICU's incredible staff, St.Joe's Ambulatory Clinic...we are so lucky to have this tremendous amount of world-class skill and expertise right here in our city. 

Every day, over 5,000 children receive care at a children’s hospital in Canada and by supporting me, you’ll be helping fund life-saving research at your own local children’s hospital. 

Funds for research are needed now more than ever, and your support will allow researchers to uncover new cures and gentler treatments for kids.

Please donate now and support me in my challenge!

I'm running to support life-saving research


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12th on the Leader Board! 1 Week to GO!

Sunday 23rd May
WOW! The support has been just incredible on this journey! I am still crushing those kilometers although I had a bit of a set back with some pretty extensive oral surgery last week that had me out for longer than I expected. Looks like I have to make up double time but I have no doubts that I can do this since I have had this amazing support along the way! Thank you to everyone who has reached out to support me! 

DAY 1 - My First 10KMs EVER!

Saturday 1st May
I did it! I've never in my life run 10KMs and I did it this morning! Got some nice swarms of midge protein along the way and pounded that pavement! I am determined to push myself out of my comfort zone this month and breakthrough my own personal boundaries! I am reminded every day of how lucky we are when I see this little guy smiling. He has already overcome so much in his little life! He is an inspiration to me. Thank you for all the support thus far! This is just the beginning! 


Franklin Holtforster


Good luck with this great effort Summer! Franklin

Sylvia Perdue


You go girl!



What you are doing is amazing and we send you tons of hugs for support!

Melanie Morris


Great goal and challenge. Best of Luck. Melanie

Sarah & Darryl Prebble