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This May, I’m running for the health of every kid in Canada, as well as my own!

Every day, over 5,000 children receive care at a children’s hospital in Canada and by supporting me, you’ll be helping fund life-saving research at your own local children’s hospital. Funds for research are needed now more than ever, and your support will allow researchers to uncover new cures and gentler treatments for kids.

Please donate now and support me in my challenge!

I'm running in memory of a family member or friend


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Day 31!!

Monday 31st May
The #camhsunrisechallenge had me headed to the lake to complete my final 10k. It was my earliest run this month and my most distracted - the sunrise, the swans, the baby ducks... It was so very beautiful and the perfect way to end an incredible month. I am so proud to announce (drum roll please) I have run 152km for a walk/run total of 417km (might sneak in another walk tonight to round that up)! With your generosity, I am just shy of $2500 earned - a whopping 10x my original goal!! That money is going to make miracles happen at children’s’ hospitals across the country. So one again - thank you 💗 A big thank you to my wonderful team mates who kept me motivated with their support ! As the hrs slip away ... there’s still time to share... donate... and for one last run.... For the kids! ❤️ d.

Day 29 & 30

Sunday 30th May
Day 29 - 5.5km + over 10km walk logged in - incl some with wonderful friends - distanced of course! Day 30 - Got up early today with big goals. Headed towards the lake and ran my first straight 15k - not just in this challenge - but ever!! woohoo!! Then walked another 10k before calling it a morning! Beautiful beautiful day! Going to get some walking in... stretch out before my last run of the challenge tomorrow!!

Days 25, 26 (HBD Kiki), 27, 28

Friday 28th May
Another weekend! 
Have to say time flies when you’re adding up KMs and steps! 
This week, Mother Nature had me running  through every season! 🌞 🍂 🌧 ❄️ 😱 
 Admittedly,  after today’s snow and rain - i  only very reluctantly laced up and hit the road for a run.   There are a million excuses I could have come up with to avoid it, stay home and watch the Friends Reunion instead  - but I reminded myself that there are a millions reasons to run too.... 
And now the sun is shining ☀️ - I’m feeling great after logging another  5km and I’m  searching for rainbow...  🌈  
For the kids.

Days 22, 23, 24

Tuesday 25th May
Woohoo! Reached 116/100 km over the weekend - & I hit my run goal!! But I’m not stopping... 1wk left and still so many reasons to run! Thank you all for the beautiful messages of encouragement and donations! As my girls get older - I’m reminded of how every adult in their lives has the ability (& in my case, the responsibility) of being a positive role model for them - and I’m so glad I’ve surrounded them with such wonderful and supportive people! Paying forward all my blessings one Km at a time ... ❤️ 🏃‍♀️

Days 20 & 21

Friday 21st May
Day 20 - Appts, work and family were in the forefront of my day - with some steps in between but nothing clocked in. Opportunity to rest the feet and mind for the last stretch of this challenge! Day 21 - another 6km run and over 15km walking on this beautiful Spring day brings me to 94.74km of my 100km run goal and a total 267.98 travelled this journey! The generosity of the human spirit keeps me moving one step at a time, one Km at a time.

Days 18 & 19

Wednesday 19th May
Day 18 - Over 17km walked on this ‘rest’ day. The neighborhood bunny was not impressed that this time I wasn’t running - that I was moving slow enough to become his paparazzi! Day 19 - 7km run and over 15km walked today with 31,488 steps! Now only 11km away from my run goal for this challenge - and I’ve traveled over 246km in total so far- so take that Mr Bunny!

Days 16 & 17

Monday 17th May
Sunday was a beautiful rest day -walking over 30k steps  but no running.  Enjoyed being outside and feeling the warm sunshine - it just makes me smile and more appreciative of all that is great in life... the million reasons why I  run. 

Monday - 5km run to start the week off on the right foot! That brings me down to about 18 km left!!  Feeling kinda proud guys! 

Day 15

Saturday 15th May
Aimed for 7km and ended with 13km straight run before dinner and a 5km walk with the kids after dinner! Beautiful sunny day! More than 3/4 of the way to my run goal with 76 KM done!

Day 14

Friday 14th May
Friday!! Woohoo! 
A lot of walking including one that turned into a  3 km run during lunch!
Between work... kids... life... you’ve got to fit it in when you can fit it in! 
I’m typing this as I walk another 5km this beautiful spring evening. 
With a gorgeous forecast - hoping to get a longer run (for me) in this weekend!   Wishing you all a wonderful one! 

Day 13

Friday 14th May
Guys! Felt the love today - double the love!! Thank you to everyone who donated! I’m awed  by the funds raised by myself and my Cirque du Sore Legs wonder team! 
I also added 5km to my run goal  - first run of the week - finally!  Felt good to start chopping away at that goal again.  Only 40 more to go!!  

Day 12

Wednesday 12th May
Finally got outside to enjoy the sunshine a few times today. For today,  10 more walking KMs clocked in. Feeling better and almost ready to start tackling the rest of those running KMs!  
Gotta earn your generous donations!! 

Double your donation!

Tuesday 11th May
This THURSDAY, MAY 13 is DOUBLE Your DONATIONS DAY! 2️⃣✖️💲 You read that right! Thanks to a generous donor, up to $250,000 will be matched this Thursday, May 13th. Any online donation I receive this Thursday will be matched. So your donation will have DOUBLE the IMPACT!! $5 = $10, $10=$20 etc. So if you are still hoping to make a donation - join us this Thursday May 13 on Double your Donations for Discoveries Day and maximize your impact. Our goal is to support the health of every kid in Canada, because every day over 5,000 children in Canada need care. If you would like to support our team and make a donation simply click the link - and THANK YOU!

Day 11

Tuesday 11th May
Another recovery day from my COVID-19 vaccine.  🤒 broke and feeling better-ish.  Planning for  a walk tomorrow - and  🤞 back to running by Thursday.  A little bit of a set back but still on track to conquer my goals! 
And just announced - double donation Thursday!  More news to follow! 

Day 10

Monday 10th May
Today was a mandatory rest and recovery day after receiving my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine! 
So, no new activity to log in but I’m super excited to report that 10 days into the challenge, I have raised $1553 and travelled 116km (running 55km  and walking 61km)! 
Hoping to get out and moving about again tomorrow - gotta chase down those remaining 45 running KMs! 

Days 7, 8, 9

Sunday 9th May
Day 7 - Friday  - started the weekend with a 6km run and over 7km walking! 

Day 8 - Saturday - over the last four years,  the girls and I participate in Meagan’s Hug  - another SickKids foundation raising money for pediatric brain tumor research - we walk together with Nora’s Narwhals the Saturday of the  Mother’s Day weekend.  My fundraising this year is a little more broad but still - every step today is dedicated to our beautiful Nora.  I completed a 13km run - my longest distance yet and as a family, we walked 5.5km sharing stories and memories of Nora.  We miss you. 

Day 9 - Mother’s Day Sunday - I was able to fit in another 6km run and 3km of walking today! And - as a Happy Mother’s Day gift to me, I received my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine! 
Today I walked for all the mommies - all the parents really - keeping it together one day at a time during this pandemic.   Happy mama’s day! 

Days 5 & 6

Thursday 6th May
And on Day 5 life got a little bit in the way - didn’t clock in a run but  I did get just over 6km of walking in! 
The sunny weather (finally!)  helped me start Day 6 off with  a 7.5km jog and I ended the day with  about 10km of walking. 
So the goal is  100km of running (the walking Is a bonus!) in May!  Hopefully I’ve clocked in enough running time to keep on track! Err ... Where my calculator... ?

Days 3 & 4!

Tuesday 4th May
So it’s obv harder to find time during the week to get those KM in - but yesterday I managed a 2.5km run and a few walks in between rain falls - ending the day with very very wet sneakers! Voila! Back up pair  for this morning’s 5km run.  I can honestly say - I didn’t want to do it.  But - I decided to get outside and aim for at least a walk... and once outside it was easier to convince myself to at least start a 2.5km run... and when I hit that mark - to just keep going and complete that full 5km.  My motivation - this challenge.  For the kids. 

Day 2

Sunday 2nd May
Yes! So the plan was to do 7.5km today - even though i’ve reallllly wanted to get to that 10km mark. Just didn’t think I could do it. When I hit the 7.5km, I was was feeling good(ish) and figured I might as well keep running to avoid getting caught in the expected rain... so I kept going... it didn’t rain - so I kept going.... and woohoo!! I ran my first straight 10km in a couple of years! Yes it took me longer than it did years ago but - it felt just as great today to hit that mark!! And I learned two things - 1. rain is a great motivator and 2. I need to pick less hilly routes!

Day #1

Saturday 1st May
Started off my May 2021 Adventure and Fundraising with a 5km run - followed by a 5km (almost) walk in the ☀️ before my morning coffee! I saw a rabbit 🐇 who ran faster than I did (me=🐢) and took time to enjoy some trees 🌳 in full blossom. I took time to appreciate #themillionreasonstorun that have influenced my life 💚.


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You are an inspiration to us all! Happy running!

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