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Every day, 5,000 kids are helped in children's hospitals across Canada.

We help those kids and so can you, by supporting us and our team in our fundraiser for CHEO. We are respiratory therapists who have survived this latest heavy viral surge and saved the lives of hundreds of babies, children, and youth.

With your support, we can replace our life support machines as they reach end of service. Each of these machines can cost as much as a car, from $16,000 CDN for a non-invasive pediatric ventilator to over $40,000 for a state of the art intensive care ventilator. This is above and beyond the monitoring equipment needed to keep children and babies in intensive care safe, where a CO2 monitor costs $3000, or for sending sensitive patients home with an oxygen monitor, each of which costs $400.

Improved healthcare outcomes in intensive care depend a lot on current technology, and as much as we can make our machines last 10-20 years, replacing them is expensive. A lot of our breathing machines need replacement and your donations will directly go to improving the outcomes of our kids in intensive care, especially those with viral disease which causes healthcare surges. 

Please donate and support our team, knowing that you are directly improving the quality of life and outcomes for our kids!

This May, we’re running for the health of every kid in Canada, as well as our own!

Every day, over 5,000 children receive care at a children’s hospital in Canada and by supporting our team, you’ll be helping fund life-saving research at your own local children’s hospital. Funds for research are needed now more than ever, and your support will allow researchers to uncover new cures and gentler treatments for kids.

Please donate now and support us in our challenge!

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Diane & Peter Garden


Go girl! You are doing great! So very proud of you!

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Sue Pettis


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way to go Sammy, this is a great cause

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Go Lo!

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Kim Pettis


You go girl!

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We Dem Charitable Boys

Jacqueline Rigg


Sam, This is wonderful that you are doing this. So proud of you and the work that you do.

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That is so awesome Sam!

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All the best...!

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You go Sammy!

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Good luck in this endeavour Sammy.

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Awesome Sam!! Have a great run ❤️

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So proud of you Sammie!

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You are the best!!!

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Woohoo, have a great race this Sunday Nicole. Super proud of you for taking on this challenge again while raising funds for such a great cause 💪🏼 🏃🏼‍♀️🙌

Sussie Love N


Go Janice Go

Angela Felker