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This May, I’m running for the health of every kid in Canada, as well as my own!

Every day, over 5,000 children receive care at a children’s hospital in Canada and by supporting me, you’ll be helping fund life-saving research at your own local children’s hospital. Funds for research are needed now more than ever, and your support will allow researchers to uncover new cures and gentler treatments for kids.

Please donate now and support me in my challenge!

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Week 1 Update: 50% of the way there!

Saturday 8th May
Hello fellow friends and family!

I'm happy to announce that I have officially passed the 50% milestone of my running goal. 

As of today, I have run a total of 54KM out of my original goal of 100KM (distance on the fundraising page updates daily)! On top of that, we have raised nearly $1,800.00 for children's hospitals in Canada, which is absolutely amazing! I wouldn't have done it without your kind contributions and encouraging words.

That being said, smashing 50% of my goal in 25% of the time makes this seem pretty easy, huh? And I agree, which is why I will be adding an additional 50KM to my distance, making my campaign run a total of 150KM. With the current time limit, that's 4.5KM everyday until the end of May... now if that's not going to get you to donate, I don't know what will ;)

Next week will be an uphill battle - I will be getting my vaccination on Tuesday and donating blood on Thursday. My numbers may be lower, but I'll continue to push on forward!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my campaign, and please continue to donate and spread the word to support my challenge and my cause!

Link to my page here:



What an amazing start!! Goal reached on the first day!

Saturday 1st May
Never could I have imagined that we would be able to hit the goal in a single day! In little over just 18 hours we have raised over $1000. Thank you so much for the tremendous support from all my friends and family!

Since we have reached my initial goal of $1,000 raised, let's shoot for the moon! My new goal is $2,500 - we can do it!

Please continue to support my passion and donate to a good cause. I would love if you could share this post to your friends and family! 

And if you do not have the means to donate, consider joining the event. I'll be rooting for you!




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